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Tips for a Successful Marriage Proposal

People ready to “pop the question” may wonder about the right way to initiate an engagement proposal. Because a marriage proposal is such a memorable moment in a couples’ lives together, those doing the proposing often go to great lengths to ensure things go smoothly. While there is no proposal playbook, these guidelines can assist those ready to take the leap.

• Add a personal touch. It’s easy to get caught up in making a marriage proposal a spectacle or something worthy of a social media post. But taking a sweetheart back to a special place that recalls a significant moment can set the backdrop for a memorable proposal. Incorporating the place you first met or a special song into the proposal can make it that much more personal and meaningful.

• Embrace the old fashioned. It may be romantic to step back in time and followed the traditions of yesteryear. Show respect to future in-laws by speaking to them about intentions to propose and ask for their blessings. Get down on bended knee when asking for a sweetheart’s hand. Such gestures add up to meaningful expressions of love.

• Consider timing. A person may be so excited to propose that he or she fails to consider how the other person in the relationship is feeling. If that person is overwhelmed by work projects or stressed about upcoming events, consider waiting to propose at a more relaxed time.

• Enlist help from others. It can be a challenge to keep your excitement hidden while collecting information about a future spouse’s likes and dislikes. Ask friends and close family members to be your accomplices so that information can be gathered without generating suspicion. This can be especially helpful when finding the perfect ring.

• Keep it simple. The more complex a proposal, the more opportunities for things to go wrong. Simplicity, even if it means keeping the proposal to yourself until the question has been popped, can make for an extra special moment.

Marriage proposals happen every day. With humor, confidence and a heart full of love, popping the question can be a success.

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