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October – What a Month!

October is a tough month for us outdoor types. What makes October so tough is the fact that there are so many different game animals that can be hunted or fish that can be caught; it’s just a great time to pursue a lot of various critters. As the cooler temperatures take over and the leaves begin to change color, the hunting fever starts to kick in, and there’s plenty of different species to go after including rabbits, squirrels, grouse, woodcock, pheasants, turkeys and of course the most sought after-whitetails. While archery probably reigns supreme for deer in October there are other deer hunting opportunities as well including a muzzleloader season and a special firearms season for Junior and senior license holders and active duty military and certain disabled persons. There is also a mentored youth deer hunting period in October. Oh yeah, there’s also a statewide archery season for bear starting at the end of October as well as some special firearms and muzzleloader season in certain WMU’s.

If all of this weren’t enough to keep hunters busy in the month of October you can also throw in some coyote hunting. Coyotes can be very active at this time of year, and we would probably be doing our deer herd and a lot of other wildlife a favor if we knocked off some more coyotes. If all of this still isn’t enough, you may want to throw in some duck hunting or a goose hunt. If you know somebody that has decoys and they are into goose hunting, you may want to hook up with them for a fun hunt.

What’s really tough is if you are just as crazy about fishing as you are hunting then you have a real dilemma-I’m in that category. More than once I’ve had to decide if I’d rather be sitting in my treestand with my compound bow or sitting in my boat pitching a minnow plug for smallmouths in the river. This has been a tough summer for us fishing nuts with the often high muddy water or at the very least discolored water making fishing more difficult. This past week I was checking out (not fishing, just checking out) the river and the water level is dropping to an acceptable level, and some clarity is starting to return producing factors that are favorable for some great bass fishing.

Of course, fishing is a lot like hunting; there are a variety of species that can be pursued. As I already mentioned bass fishing comes into its own in the fall. Slowing drifting down the river pitching topwater lures can produce some really exciting action and if that fails to produce start working beneath the surface with minnow type lures. Anything that imitates crayfish is also a good choice; lead head jigs often fit this category depending on what you put on the jig hook.

Don’t forget too, that fall is also a great time to hit the trout stream one more time. My buddy Tom Wineburg just texted me some photos of some nice browns and rainbows he caught and released a week or so ago. Tom doesn’t hunt so he isn’t torn between the two pursuits like I am. I should mention too that October is a great month to go after muskies. Oh yeah, like I wrote in a previous article fall is one of the best times to take walleyes.

Something I don’t understand at all is with October being such a fantastic month for hunting and fishing why would any guy in his right mind plan a wedding date during that month. Don’t forget too that that date must be celebrated every year so there’s bound to be at least one weekend in October every year that you can’t hunt or fish-now think about that guys.

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