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It’s Been a Rough Summer

It’s no secret. I am a huge fan of Lycoming County. There is nothing but love for my gorgeous neighborhood. North Central Pennsylvania is the bomb, and it is home to many treasures. We live in an area with such amazing beauty. Fishing has always been a passion, and I take full advantage of what there is to offer.

So I’m up a few pounds, and my family physician wants me to live “better.” Turning 40 stinks, and I now have to pay more attention to blood pressure, cholesterol, gout, etc. Doc suggested a few changes to my diet. Eat more vegetables and drink more water, Jamie. He then wanted to know if I was getting any exercise. Long pause.

“It’s been a tough summer Doc,” I tried to explain. “All of this rain is making it hard man. I normally get out five or six nights a week, but now it’s sadly reduced to one. It’s really taking its toll too. I feel stressed. Can’t sleep. No energy. I am not a total mess. These water levels are absolutely killing me.”

He looked puzzled, so I continued.

“As you know Doc, I am an avid fisherman. It’s my passion. I simply love to fish, and others might say that I am obsessed. I am usually head out after dinner or when my chores are complete. Some of my favorite holes are just a short drive or walk from the house. It’s great. I rarely stay in the same spot and cross the stream whenever I can. Yes. I am constantly on the move, and the world would be a better place if more folks followed my lead. I like to call it EXTREME WADING, Doc, because I sometimes log five miles in one evening. Some like to jog or head to the gym, but I prefer to wade to keep trim.”
Doc didn’t know what to say. He was now perplexed. I don’t think he had any prior experience with a fishing addict. Doc tried to piece a few things together and continued to ask. He wanted to know if I was a fly fisherman?

“I own two fly rods, but seldom use them,” I calmly answered. “OK, I admit. I stink at it. I don’t have the patience, nor the touch that is required. I believe this is another reason why you have me on that one drug. I CHUCK METAL Doc. Or, that’s what my purist chums call it. My goal is to catch and release as many fish as I can, and my ultra-light spinning gear gives me the best opportunity. Many of my plain front SIMMS wearing bug-throwing friends think less of me. But I have come to terms with it.”

Doc was intrigued. He asked more questions. I then showed him a few pictures on Instagram. He couldn’t believe the quality and size of the fish I was catching. He finally understood where I was coming from. I then explained how the high water was affecting me. Making it somewhat difficult to navigate. He agreed.

My life has turned upside down with all of this rain. I really haven’t been able to fish like I used too. Folks say this past August was the wettest on record. It has been hard, but the local meteorologist says it’s getting better. We can only hope. My doctor tells me to hang in there. I am trying. CHEERS.

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