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Summer Hair Rehab

Even though the weather is still warm and sunny, the dog days of summer are officially over. While you may have protected your skin with sunscreen during the warmer months, your hair may have taken some damage. With chlorine in pools, salt and sand at the beach, and just more exposure to UV rays, hair can take a beating during the long, lazy days of summer. But, don’t worry. Regardless of the harm summer can inflict, there are ways to get your hair back into soft and shiny shape this fall.

First, take a break from hot tools. The last thing that damaged hair needs is heat, so put away your hair dryer, curling ironing, and straightener. With early fall, you can still allow your hair to dry naturally without worrying about catching a cold. If you can’t completely stop using styling tools, opt for the cool setting to give your hair a rest, or better yet, limit your use to when you really need to look your best during the week. This way, you can still show off your go-to ‘do when it counts, while minimizing damage.

For hair that’s gone from poolside tassel to outright rat’s nest tangled, spritz on a leave-in strengthening treatment. Look for a spray with hydrating ingredients like argan oil that’ll detangle wet hair, while also adding softness and shine. Try Hask Argan Oil 5-in-1 Spray from Ulta that strengthens and restores. If your hair is feeling a bit brittle after a summer of fun, consider getting a trim to cut away the dead ends, then treat it with a mask like Kiehl’s Olive Fruit Oil Deeply Repairative Hair Pak, which you can use in the shower after shampoo.

I remember back in my younger and more formative years, I’d reach for good old “Sun-In” as soon as school let out. Whether you’re naturally blonde or achieve lighter-toned locks by other means, blonde (and gray) hair can start to look “over-processed” by summer’s end. Brunette tresses tend to look “dusty” and dull after too much sun exposure. Correct these discolorations by cleaning with a clarifying mask. Dove’s Advanced Hair Series Restoration Mask is great for darker hair, while Pravana’s The Perfect Blonde mask will deeply nourish and banish brassy tones from lighter locks.

If you’re not so much into using a bunch of products in your hair, consider switching to a microfiber hair towel. Microfiber material helps restore wet, damaged strands and tame flyaways. Its moisture-wicking abilities will dry your hair in less than 30 minutes with no heat. Another product-free technique is a soothing scalp massage. Boosting blood circulation in your scalp leads to healthy hair growth. Take a minute or two and knead your fingers into your scalp directly at the roots. You can also use this trick in conjunction with the products mentioned above to get your hair back in shape.

Lastly, don’t forget your general healthy habits, like drinking lots of water and taking vitamins, which will help you on your way back to sleek and shiny hair. To keep all of your repair work intact, be sure to wear a hat if you’ll be out in the sun for long periods of time as the summer-like weather drags on.

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