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The Power of the Media…

The Power of the Media…

In a time when the media is taking a beating — being accused of being ‘fake,’ and often slanting to the left or right for their own benefit, it’s very existence threatened, let’s take a minute and put it to good use. No other print news in the area has the coverage that Webb Weekly does, so let’s see if we can work together and take advantage of our reach to do a good deed.

Earlier this week, I received the following email from Paul Boxmeyer at Garden View Church of Christ.

I am the pastor of Garden View Church of Christ, and this past Saturday, May 5, our church had an indoor yard sale in our basement. Among the many treasure hunters, a woman found a 500-piece puzzle that she knew her husband would enjoy. But she had a special request: could we open the box (taped closed so pieces would not be accidentally lost) so that she could check the shape of the pieces? She explained that her husband loves puzzles, but is visually impaired, so he assembles them as much by the shape as by the image. She wanted to be sure that it was not a puzzle with pieces of near-identical shapes.

Of course, we obliged; she confirmed that the puzzle would indeed fit the bill, and she left with the puzzle, satisfied that she had found a simple treasure that would give her husband some hours of enjoyment!

A few minutes later, our cashier, Mrs. Jean Stetts, discovered an errant puzzle piece that had, despite our best efforts, somehow escaped from the box! She was distraught, immediately anticipating the frustrating end result: an almost-finished puzzle of 499 pieces, with the ensuing frantic yet fruitless search for the escapee.

The consensus among the helpers from our empathetic congregation was that we must attempt the impossible: find the woman who bought the puzzle. While I am sure this kind of task is not within your purview as editor, perhaps you can find some otherwise unused space to publish the story of our dilemma. I am certain that, if the buyer lives within your wide circulation area, this information is enough to get the wayward puzzle piece home.
Thank you!

Paul Boxmeyer
Pastor, Garden View Church of Christ

So I posted the note on our Facebook page, and it has been shared a whole bunch of times. I really appreciate all of you that shared the post, but since our print edition hits so many more homes, I thought I would share the email here and see if we can connect the missing puzzle piece with its owner.

There is nothing worse than discovering that you are missing one piece to a puzzle, so show this article around, share the post on Facebook and let’s see if can we put media and social media to some good, wholesome use!

If you are the woman missing your puzzle piece, please contact Garden View Church of Christ at (570) 323-4134.

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