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The Wizards

The Wizards

OK. I was a little hesitant at first. I mean if you’ve seen them once, there’s probably no need to see them again. I totally understand a performance can change, but they’ve been using the water and confetti in the bucket since I was a kid. I wanted to send Jensen with his friends instead, then I got wind that Mom bought the entire family tickets. I simply had to go or face her wrath. No brainer. And I am so very glad I went.

The Spencers were in the stands of the Taj Mahal Monday to see the Harlem Wizards face Williamsport’s best. We weren’t the only ones either. The Magic Dome was packed for the dynamic and highflying traveling basketball team from New Jersey. The Wizards amazed the huge crowd during their friendly competition with the Millionaire Magicians — a squad made up of teachers, principals, staff, and exceptional students from the district. The game featured several impressive dunks and fancy passes. Many clever skits and lots of laughs.

“Each year, this event surpasses our expectations,” Williamsport Area School District Education Foundation Executive Director Greg Hayes said. “It was another huge success and thanks to all the families who came out to see the show. Attendance was down just a tad, but it was still a terrific fundraiser. Altogether, the Wizards have helped generate nearly $54,000 for our Foundation over the years.”

Mrs. Kirsten Grove turned a few heads before the game even started. The local elementary school teacher did some cartwheels and a backhand spring during the player introductions. It was rad. The Millionaire Magicians looked great and got out of the gates early. Even Jensen’s third grade Czar Mr. Bruce Sacavage scored a few buckets in the opening quarter. The Wizards allowed the game to remain close, but ended the second half on an impressive run. You should have seen some of the spectacular plays and incredible alley oops. NO HE DIDNT.

While the Magicians went to the locker room for some halftime adjustments, the Harlem Ballers spent the entire twenty minutes taking pictures and signing autographs for the youngsters. The Wizards dominated the third stanza, as I think they finally had enough. The fact that Stevens Principal Kurt Felix kept throwing the ball in the stands didn’t actually help. I was certainly proud of my pal Big Caleb Getty who is an Invention Specialist at Lycoming Valley. Caleb flexed his muscles and even dunked, but there was simply no answer for the Wizards’ insane ball handling and crazy weave.

I reached out to a few of my son’s friends to find out who was their favorite. Ethan Chilson, Wyatt Bair, Camden March and Braiden Wolfhope all selected the crazy athletic 6’4” wing named ICE. He was really good and played well above the rim. Jensen went with another. He liked the super quick little guard tabbed LA FIESTA. I’d say he was only 5’3” but man was he fast and his ball handling skills were sick. La dressed up as a Minion and the Flash. He also performed the Flamenco with Mrs. Ashleigh Brass.

Special thanks to my good mates at the Williamsport Area School District Education Foundation for a great night. Everyone had an absolute blast watching the Harlem Wizards. Well done. Cheers.

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