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Roads to Freedom Helping Those With Disabilities

Roads To Freedom offers information and services to people with disabilities. As a non-profit, and the area’s disability nucleus, it all begins with a phone call. By calling us, you will learn of the various options available to your unique needs and will be provided with guidance and referrals to remain independent in your home and community. Our goal is to assure that you have access to resources, options, and services to obtain freedom in your life. If we don’t provide the services, we will connect you with those who do.

Imagine if one day you could not leave your home, or return home from the hospital, nursing or rehab facility without the necessary resources that were beyond your financial means, such as a wheelchair ramp or bathroom accessibility? How would you survive? How will you go to work, pay your bills, or evacuate in an emergency? Many times, hospital bills or losing a job as a result of a life-changing event, such as a severe car accident or stroke, create hardships where someone may be unable to afford certain items that are not covered by insurances. Some may just need old, unsafe ramps replaced in order to maintain their access to life’s necessities. We can help.

Partner with us to help neighbors obtain and maintain access to their homes and opportunities. These are the people your donations benefit. Through our unique Ramping Up Life program, we are able to provide those in dire need with items necessary for them to remain home while living with their disability. Many people, who need these items either for the first time or upon disrepair of existing items, may already be at a financial disadvantage. Help us help them.

Support Roads to Freedom and the Center for Independent Living today by forming a team and playing in our annual wheelchair basketball tournament, March 3rd at Lycoming College Rec Center. Your team will be provided with wheelchairs and will play against other community businesses in a joint effort to support those in need. This fundraiser allows us to cover those funding gaps and assures that people with disabilities transition to, or remain with, full independence in the community.

For more information, call us at 570-327-9070 or email

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