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Plentiful Predictions!

I gotta say, this is one of my favorite articles to write each year.

Mike Rafferty started the Super Bowl Predictions articles, and I couldn’t wait to continue the tradition.
So without further ado, let’s get to it!

As always we start with the News Team, which for those who don’t know, is my group of closest friends.

Jeff, who always has his finger on the pulse of all things sports, thinks that the avocado commercial is going to be the big winner this year. Seth had some crude thoughts about Tom Brady but thinks they are still going to come out on top at 42-35. Jimmy thinks this is finally the Eagles’ year and they are going to pick up a 21-18 win.

Mike Rupert down at Rupert’s Specialty Meats is cutting the score close with a 31-28 Birds’ win.

Janice Hiller, over the hill at Beiter’s, is picking the lesser of two evils. “I’m not a fan of the Eagles, but I hate the Patriots more, so I’ll be rooting for the Eagles.”

Rick Quigley from Fairfield agrees with Janice. He’s calling it a 27-24 Eagles’ win, but adds the caveat, “I’m not necessarily an Eagles fan, but I don’t want to see the Patriots win again.”

Larry Stout thinks the Eagles are going to take the big game 24-17. Larry said, “Yes, I am an Eagles fan, but I also have a great respect for the Pats, especially for their continual excellence for nearly two decades. By objective standards, New England has not been anything close to a juggernaut this season. They have struggled to win against fairly average teams. Brady is the Comeback King, it is true, but what is missed in all these comebacks is that teams with leads against the Patriots usually turn conservative, which gives Brady his opportunities. Coach Doug Pederson of the Eagles keeps his foot on the pedal even with a lead. That was evidenced by the Viking win. The Eagles are a tremendously balanced team, and quarterback Nick Foles has been getting better and better each game. If the Eagles can shake the Super Bowl jitters early enough, they should be able to take command and keep it.”

Resident sports expert Scott Lowery had this to say about the big game, “It’s the Eagles ‘Underdogs’ vs. the Patriot ‘Poker Faces’ for all the chips in Super Bowl 52. Both are Number One seeds in their respective Divisions, so they’ve truly earned their trip to chilly Minneapolis. I have no rooting interest in this one, but as long as Tom Brady is behind the center, I’m dealing Patriots 24-16.”

Jamie Spencer is taking the Patriots 28-17. He feels like Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are just too good to be stopped this year.

Gabe Sinicropi from the Crosscutters is going yard with his prediction, but it turns out, he’s got some side action he’s looking out for. “The Eagles’ secondary will have to show up against Brady. If they do, it’s a 31-24 Eagles’ victory. Besides, they have to win because we have a side bet with Boston’s affiliate in our league, the Lowell Spinners. If the Eagles win we get a few cases of Moxie soda (created in Lowell) and should the Patriots win, we send them Tastykakes.

We are pretty divided around the office. Charlie thinks the Eagles are going to squeak by the Pats 24-21. Ron thinks the Pats are going to squeak by the Eagles 31-28. Mom thinks the Pats are going to take it by a TD 31-24. New guy Curt thinks the Eagles are going to win but doesn’t want to predict a score. Hubs thinks the Eagles are to come up with a surprisingly big 38-17 win — but then again, he doesn’t know much about football. Kristy reached out for help and came up with 24-17 Patriots’ win.

Jimmy thinks the Eagles are going to take it 31-28 and pick up the Bird’s first Super Bowl win. Like the rest of us, he just hopes the city is still standing after.

Another resident sports expert, Lou Hunsinger Jr., had this to say, “I think New England will win 27-21. I think the experience factor is a big factor for the Patriots. But I think the huge reason is an intangible. Twelve out of the last 13 Super Bowl winners wore white jerseys. The Patriots knew this and exercised their option to wear their away white uniforms. In the previous two Super Bowls that the Eagles were in–and lost, they wore their green uniforms, just as they are for this Super Bowl. It is hard to beat an intangible like that.”

Personally, I believe the Eagles are going to get the W this year. I’m thinking that 28-21 sounds like a good score. I just hope that Eagles fans can find their manners between now and Super Bowl Sunday. A city shouldn’t have to grease light poles in order to keep residents from climbing them in excitement or anger. There should never be a worry that someone is going to throw full cans of beer at you or your children, and, at no point should driving a dune buggy up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art (the ‘Rocky’ steps), be encouraged and cheered.

As always, if you are out celebrating the big game, please be safe. No drinking and driving! Call a cab, or grab an Uber or Lyft. Relish the game and be sure to enjoy the commercials, food and JT’s half-time show!

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