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Stay Stylish This Winter

With winter right around the corner, and the chilly days already here, it can be challenging to pull together a stylish and functional cold-weather outfit each morning. With sweaters and puffy coats adding bulk, static electricity causing hair havoc, and dry skin making every fabric feel like steel wool, getting dressed each day can be a chore during the winter months. However, with the right pieces and a simple strategy, you can make it through this upcoming winter comfortably and stylishly.

Start with smart layers. Piling a bunch of clothes on to keep warm is far from an efficient way to layer. Your goal for winter layers is to reduce the chances of feeling and appearing bulky whilst keeping warm. Start with some base garments, like tights or fleece leggings on the bottom, and a cotton camisole or thin-weave turtleneck. Don’t rule out long-johns, or full-length thermal underwear as your base layer. Thermal undergarments are a classic because they work.

Keep additional layers to a maximum of two. For example, a collared shirt and pullover, or a tunic and a cardigan. For dresses, consider adding knee-high socks or leg warmers on top of your tights to keep warm. Your coat should be able to accommodate all of your layers while still allowing you to put your arms down. Keep in mind when shopping for slim-cut coats that you may want to size up to compensate for the layers underneath.

Speaking of coats, try to opt for one that is water-resistant. Many retailers all offer polished water-resistant outerwear for your everyday coat needs. And, while you’re at it, check out other techno fabrics like heattech and omni-heat, as well as good old-fashioned fleece. Smart material, like smart layers, will keep the bulk at bay and your body heat from escaping.

Don’t forget your winter accessories — gloves, scarves, and hats. This triple threat is a must for cold-weather dressing. For full-coverage, I’m a fan of infinity scarves that you can wind around your head and your neck, like a base layer, then secure it with a knit hat. For gloves, invest in a longer pair that also covers your wrists. Put these on before your coat to ensure no gaps of skin being exposed to winter winds.

You may be thinking these tips sound much more functional than fashionable, and you’d be right. Smart layering, fabrics, and using accessories for maximum coverage are all commonsense tactics. For style, it’s how you bring this advice to life.

In addition to layering leggings, shirts, and sweaters, you can also mix and match colors and patterns. Keep your base layer neutral, then play around with patterns like stripes and winter florals, and top those off with solid bold colors, like jewel tones and bright blues. You can keep your coat neutral, but try to avoid black, which can start to feel dreary by January. Instead, consider navy or olive shades for your outerwear. If you’re feeling very bold, a cherry red will keep your winter dressing fresh from December through March.

If you’re not a fan of overall patterns and color, throw them in with your accessories. Patterned and brightly bold scarves, hats, and gloves will liven up your coat, and overall outfit. Plus, it’s relatively affordable to have several sets to switch up styles. For days that aren’t entirely frigid, swap your hat for a knit headband or some fun earmuffs.

For footwear, there are both practical and fashionable options. Duck boots, knee-high boots, Chelsea boots, and even combat boots are all stylish alternatives to snow boots this winter. Stay away from pointy heels, opting instead for chunkier soles with tread to avoid slipping on icy pathways.

Hopefully, these tips will keep you warm and stylish this winter. But, if it’s a choice between style and warmth, always opt for warmth. Runny noses, sore throats, and haggard coughs are definitely out of style no matter the season.

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