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Lycoming Goal

My recent “Movember” awareness effort was an epic failure. An absolute disaster, like my unsuccessful write-in campaign. I am sorry folks, but I was forced to throw in the towel after a few days of growth. My lovely bride wasn’t impressed with the shaggy scruff above my lip. She gave me an ultimatum — shave that ridiculously looking mustache or sleep outside in a tent. No brainer here kids. It’s starting to get cold, and I’m not as dumb as I look. Besides, there are other ways to bring awareness without scaring every child in the neighborhood. #transition.

I grew up in the East End of town, and I was checking out the old stomping grounds the other day. I swing by from time to time to see what’s going on. Business was as usual that afternoon. I witnessed a few dogs walking their owners and managed to find several potholes.

I then heard a deafening roar while pulling through the intersection of Lincoln and Penn. The cheers continued and a familiar voice echoed, “LYCOMING GOAL. NUMBER 23. SAINCLAIR TUENO,” throughout the land.

By the time I got to Packer, I noticed quite the commotion on the far end of the Robert Shangraw Athletic Complex. Hundreds of rabid fans, decked out in blue and gold were in absolute bedlam. They were all cheering for the hottest sports team this side of the Mississippi.

Yes. Head Coach Nate Gibboney and the Lycoming College “Futbol” Warriors are most definitely trending. His soccer team recently won the MAC Commonwealth Championship. Their third in the past five years, and they now are ranked as high as number three in the nation.

The Warriors earned an automatic bid into the NCAA Division III playoffs with a 2-1 upset over Messiah in the MAC Commonwealth Championship. The Falcons were the top team in the country to boot. Well not anymore.

The Warriors are currently 18-2 and are led by four All-MAC First Team selections. Senior Abdullahi Abdi is the little man up front. The super quick striker hails from the Pacific Northwest. I don’t know Jordan Logan from Oxford, PA, but I am sure he is a great kid. My man Kyle Thomas of Bel Air, MD has long hair and stands 6’6”. He often rocks an American flag bandana around his head. Junior Sainclair Tueno is simply a stud. He leads the team and is third in the MAC Commonwealth with 10 goals scored.

By the time you are reading this, Coach Gibboney and his Warriors have already played two games in the NCAA tournament. Hopefully they advanced and are still playing. But if not, I am very proud of my friend and his team. Lycoming College is now a soccer school. Cheers boys and congratulations on a great 2017 season. I might be biased but this is another reason why my alma mater is better than yours.

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