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The Dapper Drive

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away — I used to be really good. It’s true. So I can still stripe it better than most, but I haven’t made a five-foot putt in the past two months. It’s embarrassing. My lack of practice has to be the culprit, and I don’t get the opportunity to play much anymore. I even threatened to quit the game completely. But my lovely bride was quick to point out that I HAD to tee it up with the Lyco chums this Friday. Last tournament, I promise, Teach.

I ended up playing surprisingly well that beautiful afternoon. I hit some colossal drives and stiffed several approaches just like I did when I was in my prime. The putter was on fire and I holed everything inside of twenty feet. I can’t explain why or what changed, but I am back to loving the game.

I used to buy tons of clubs and gear too. But then I realized it was the Norwegian and not his hammer. #politicallycorrect. I no longer get boxes from Titleist or Callaway. They have been replaced by Cabellas or Bass Pro. Yes, I still get yelled at when they come in the mail.

So I came home to unexpected package the other day. It was a care package from an old friend with a note that read, “Enjoy Coach.” I was extremely pleased to find a dozen of ProV1s courtesy of the Dapper Drive. I immediately reached out to my mate and thanked him for brightening my day. Of course the wife had to remind me, “But I thought you quit.” #transition.

I first met Jordan Griggs when he was just a lanky youngster. We were side by side on the range at Whitey Deere. That was the last time Jordan looked up to me. He grew an unprecedented six inches the following summer. #seewhatididthere. He now stands 6’6”.

I continued to watch Jordan grow into a terrific young player and a pretty neat kid. Griggs was the stud captain of the South Side golf team. After high school, Jordan moved on to Clemson University where he studied Finance. His golf game reached new heights, as he became a who’s who among the amateur circuit.

Jordan began a successful career in the corporate world right after college. He was a big shot crunching numbers for the Bank of America. Griggs was stationed in NYC and later moved to Charlotte. He then met his future bride and they were married. Yes, life was good for the young Griggs family.

Jordan then did the unthinkable, as he thought it was time for a career change. My man left his fancy home and high paying job to start a TOTALLY new journey. He and Brittany decided to sell the farm and cash in their chips. They wanted to travel and play lots of golf.

The Griggses started the DAPPER DRIVE and they are currently touring the country. Jordan and Brittany are a full-time, RV-ing, golfing couple who truly pursue their true passions — travel, photography, fashion and GOLF.

The Griggses are currently in the middle of what they call the ULTIMATE GOLF ROADTRIP. Jordan and Brittany are hoping to play all 100 of the top golf courses by 2018. They use the DAPPER DRIVE to chronicle the way. Their website is a lot of fun to follow and it’s so well written. Brittany’s pictures are amazing and my man Jordan always looks DAPPER. He scored many big time clothing sponsors to help pay the tolls. You simply have to check it out if you are an avid golf fan.

These two have a large following and have even made a few appearances on the Golf Channel. It’s on my DVR. Jordan and Brittany have already played 35 of the top 100 and have tallied 13,875 miles. OK. I’m jealous.

Appreciate the gift pal and safe travels to you and keep posting kid. Cheers.

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