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County Hall Corner: Everyday Heroes

It was an unusually hot Tuesday afternoon in Williamsport on September 19th as Agents Bryan Bower and Adam Lorson of the Lycoming County Adult Probation Office were driving to visit a few of their clients. As they were slowly going along one of the city streets, Bryan noticed one of his former clients walking along the sidewalk and commented to his colleague, “Hey, Adam, I know that guy and he doesn’t look too good.”

They continued driving and a very short time later they heard a 911 call over their car radio of an unresponsive male on the street that they had just passed by. Even though it was not in their job description, the two men quickly agreed to proceed to the emergency since they were less than a minute away. When they arrived, they saw the very individual that Bryan had recognized earlier lying on the ground. He had turned blue and they were unable to get a pulse. Both men recognized the telltale signs of an overdose, so they quickly pulled out their emergency bag and Bryan administered the opiate antidote, Narcan (naloxone).

The window that Narcan works is very short, as brain damage can occur within only a few minutes of an opioid overdose as the result of a lack of oxygen to the brain. In this case, the man did quickly revive and immediately thanked the two men for saving his life. No, that is what should have happened. What really happened was as the man slowly gained consciousness; he became flailing his arms and demanding that the officers get their hands off of him.

About three or four minutes later, emergency responders arrived and took the main to the hospital for further treatment. Everyone agreed that had Bryan and Adam not arrived when they did, this individual would have died.

And for that act, Agents Bryan Bower and Adam Lorson were honored at the regular County Commissioners Meeting on Thursday, September 28th by Commissioners Jack McKernan, Tony Mussare, and Rick Mirabito with a JWD (Job Well Done) Award. Tony specifically asked the two men what was going through their minds as they saw the unconscious man lying on the street. Bryan responded that he and Adam did what they were trained to do. It was just part of the job.

Judge Nancy Butts was in attendance at the Commissioners Meeting and could not help but comment on the exceptional service given by everyone at the Adult Probation Office and their aggressive diligence to public safety. It was apparent that she wanted the Commissioners to know that this kind of commitment was not a normal part of the job, but out of the Lycoming County Adult Probation Office, it comes with the job.

Amazingly, the APO has not any turnover in the past nine years. What makes this so amazing is that the national average for probation officers is 4.5 years. Though it was two outstanding young probation officers who were honored for their quick life-saving actions that day in September, as well they should be, the honor is also to the leadership of Ed McCoy, Chief Adult Probation Officer, Scott Metzger, Deputy Adult Probation Officer, and to the entire staff who truly embody the meaning of what it means to be “public servants.” Every day they do a Job Well Done!

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