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Tony Mussare

Hello, I’m Tony Mussare and I am seeking my third term as Lycoming County Commissioner. But before I ask you for your vote, I would like you to know who I am and where I came from. I was born, raised and still live in South Williamsport. John and Assunta were my parents. The most

Hello, I’m Tony Mussare and I am seeking my third term as Lycoming County Commissioner. But before I ask you for your vote, I would like you to know who I am and where I came from. I was born, raised and still live in South Williamsport. John and Assunta were my parents. The most important lessons in life they taught me, my four sisters and my brother was to have faith in God, respect our elders and you must work hard if you want to be successful. As they look down upon John, Marie and me today, they can be very proud that we have practiced those principles every day.

My wife Mary of 44 years is the mother of my two sons, Anthony and John. Anthony has four daughters named Cailyn, Sabrina, Sophia and Olivia. Cailyn gave birth one year ago to our first great- grandson named Cohen. We are so blessed to have Melinda, Amber and Tony join our family.

I graduated from South Williamsport High School in 1973. I have an associate’s degree in business management from the Williamsport Area Community College and have many certificates of achievements in the fields of fire restoration, building construction and floor covering installation. I graduated from CCAP’s (County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania) Academy of Excellence and I am currently a member of their Academy of Excellence Resolutions Committee. I was asked to chair the Assessment and Taxation Committee in 2020 but that appointment is totally dependent on you the voter.

I am the Vice-President of Rainbow Carpet Cleaning and Fire Restoration Co. in Williamsport, Pa. for thirty two years, and own a real estate business with my two sons. I am the past President of the Fraternal Order of the Eagles, past president of the Williamsport Landlords Association, and past chairman of the Joinder Board of Lycoming and Clinton County. I am the current chairman of the Lycoming County Prison Board, Vice-chair of the Lycoming Board of Commissioners and currently sit on the NACo’s (National Association of Counties) Board of Finance, Pension and Intergovernmental Affairs. I sat on the State Leadership Council of the National Federation of Independent Business and I currently belong to the following organizations: South Williamsport Lions Club, The Young Men’s Republican Club, National Rifle Association, Williamsport Chamber of Commerce and the West Branch Susquehanna Builders Association.

I believe my best attribute for being a commissioner is that I know and understand the majority of the people I represent. I came from a lower middle class family. We had a roof over our heads, food in our bellies and parents who loved us unconditionally. We didn’t have enough money to go on vacations. We went swimming in the Susquehanna River and hiking in our mountains. Looking back we had the best vacation destination in the state.

I take notice when I’m filing my gas tank at a local convenient store, how many people only put $10.00 of gas in their cars. And it’s not because they are in a hurry. I see the tears on the cheeks of seniors who tell their stories of how they must choose at times between eating and paying their municipal, school district and county taxes because they are on low fixed incomes. I see the frustration on the faces of the working poor who work hard but still must ask for assistance because they can’t stretch their dollars enough to keep up with everything. I feel for the families who must pay a three to five thousand dollar deductable for their healthcare plus co-pays when their combined gross income is only $48,000.

We must find solutions to these stories! I will work diligently on CCAP committees to layout solutions and present them to our legislators for their consideration. I will change what I can at our county level to provide our constituents services that are mandated at an affordable cost. I will examine all other non- mandated services we currently provide and decide whether the costs are worth the benefits. Yes, the time has come to implement those changes but not without sacrifices.

With the help of many people who work for you at the county, we have implemented many positive changes over my past eight years. We are bringing our pay scale back in line with the private sector. We sold excess property and will continue to sell more so those properties go back on the tax rolls. With the help of the courts, we implemented the GEO program which reduced recidivism and decreased our prison population. We currently house 15 federal inmates and charge the federal government $80.00 per day per inmate.

We have funded scholarship programs to help the fire fighters, police departments and EMS personnel combat the high cost of training and education. We must continue to find ways to recruit and retain our volunteer force and provide them incentives to continue their dedicated service to our communities.

As you can see, I have worked hard for the people of Lycoming County and I plan on working just as hard for the next four years. I do have my finger on the pulse of our people. I’m asking you for your vote on November 5th. With your participation in the voting process, I will continue to make Lycoming County a great place to work, live, play and raise a family.

Tony Mussare

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