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Rick Mirabito

My name is Rick Mirabito, and I am completing my fourth year as your County Commissioner. I live with my wife and nine year-old son in Cogan Station. I came to Williamsport in 1989 when was I was selected by the Honorable Malcolm Muir of the Middle District of Pennsylvania to work as his law

My name is Rick Mirabito, and I am completing my fourth year as your County Commissioner. I live with my wife and nine year-old son in Cogan Station.

I came to Williamsport in 1989 when was I was selected by the Honorable Malcolm Muir of the Middle District of Pennsylvania to work as his law clerk. For 30 years I have built businesses renovating many substandard buildings in the area. Our businesses have created jobs for residents, tax revenues for the area, and improvements to the neighborhoods.

I am a graduate of Cornell University and the Boston College Law School. Prior to settling in Williamsport, I practiced law at national law firms in Boston.

I was elected in 2008 as the first Democrat in 36 years from the 83rd Legislative District to the Pennsylvania General Assembly. I served 3 two-year terms as state representative from 2009 – 2014.

In the General Assembly I initiated and passed legislation to put all state government spending on the internet. Although I was only a freshman legislator, the Republican Chairman of the Finance Committee praised me at the time on the House floor for working across the aisle with a Republican freshman legislator who had a similar bill.

I believe it is critical to work with all citizens and elected officials regardless of political affiliation in order to produce results for the public. The public expects us to get the job done! I was a citizen legislator in the General Assembly, and I have continued that philosophy as a County Commissioner.

The Committees I served on in the House, such as Local Government, Finance, and Commerce, have helped me work as an effective Commissioner. In the Legislature I was a representative from the House to the Industrial Resource Center, which oversees manufacturing in the State, and the Center for Rural Pennsylvania.

I believe it is my responsibility as a County Commissioner to analyze problems facing our community and find solutions. When I became a Commissioner in January 2016, I analyzed why we had recurring deficit spending and resulting tax increases. I learned that in the 8 years prior to my taking office (2008 – 2015) the Boards of Commissioners increased hiring of full-time employees from 500 to 552. These years were during the Recession when most businesses were cutting back on employment. Each employee costs the County approximately $40,000 in wages and $20,000 in benefits. These 52 new positions are costing the taxpayers $3,120,000 per year! There was no overwhelming need for all 52 positions.

I proposed and voted for a County Resolution to solve our financial problems and stop deficit spending by reducing the number of full-time employees through attrition. I have worked diligently to reduce the number of full-time positions. In my first term the number of full-employees has declined by 15 from 552 to 537 saving hundreds of thousands of dollars. The Early Intervention Study, which I proposed, has confirmed the need to reducing the number of full-time positions. I am committed to finding further reductions in my second term.

I believe that government works best when it is open to scrutiny and when the public’s eyes are on it. I have followed through on my campaign pledge to create transparency with County government. As a Commissioner, I voted (as I did in the General Assembly) to put all County government spending on the internet with software called Open Gov. I proposed and voted for live streaming of Commissioner’s meetings to allow the public to stay informed. I also proposed and voted for having monthly reports at our public meetings listing all contracts less than $10,000 that are signed by the Director of Administration. I proposed and voted for monthly reports at our public meetings of all personnel and human resource activity, including new hires and terminations.

I understand the importance of infrastructure and the need for economic development. As a Commissioner, I travelled to Washington, D.C., twice to lobby for funding for the levee. I voted for a program to rebuild our municipal bridges. I have advocated to reform the Hotel Tax because I believe that the development of tourism is an important component of economic development.

I understand that our employers face a shortage of qualified workers. I initiated and voted to use Act 13 funds for the Ready Rosie program which invests in Early Learning in our community. I also have advocated for investments in our Library System as a way to increase literacy and build a workforce.

I understand that quality of life is important to our families and our children. I voted to use Act 13 funds for projects such the Stevens Playground sponsored by the Kiwanis and Rotary clubs for children of all abilities. I traveled to Harrisburg to help secure over a million dollars of state funds for development of the Sylvan Dell Conservation Park.

I have the qualifications and experience to lead Lycoming County. I understand the struggles facing our families and seniors. I have first-hand experience with economic development. Most importantly, I have a track record of doing what I say I am going to do and voting for fiscal responsibility and transparency. Please go to my http://www.rickmirabito.org for more information.

I am asking Republicans, Democrats, and Independents for your vote on November 5.

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