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  • The Roving Sportsman… Reading By the Fireplace0

    Temperatures are slowly trending downward, the daylight hours get shorter with each passing day, and soon the landscape will be covered in a layer of white. Many of us will reduce our time out of doors and turn to inside activities as the onset of winter doldrums sets in. A great pastime for the months

  • The Roving Sportsman… Yes, You Can Do It Yourself!0

    Now that a successful hunt has come to an end and there is venison hanging on the meat pole let’s take a look at doing your own butchering and processing. Hopefully, you were able to keep the meat clean and cool after making that well-placed shot, and the meat has been able to hang and

  • The Roving Sportsman… A Time to Give Thanks0

    Thanksgiving weekend is recognized as the most heavily traveled weekend of the year. Over the next several days, thousands of people across our state and across the nation will fly or drive to meet up with friends and relatives to share some quality time together. There will be football, lots of food, and plenty of

  • The Roving Sportsman… Chronic Wasting Disease – Past and Present0

    It was not that long ago that we heard about Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) occurring somewhere out west, but we never considered that it would ever become a concern within our own borders here in Pennsylvania. Initially, reports were of limited outcroppings of the disease in deer and elk in a few of the western


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