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  • Jim Roth Calling0

    In last week’s column, I expressed the opinion that it would prove interesting to be ‘a fly on the wall’ in those locker rooms of the upcoming opponents on Southern Columbia’s remaining 2019 schedule. The statement was a part of my question as to what does a coach say to his team in the practice

  • A September Weekend0

    For many the long-awaited opening of the 2019 National Football League season may have seemed like it would never arrive. The fantasy leaguers had picked their teams, the television talking heads had babbled on since mid-summer giving of their opinions about who was going to do what and the average fan was anxious to see

  • A Winning Season Despite the Record0

    The skies darkened. The threatening clouds drew closer. A bolt of lightning flashed from the beyond the centerfield fence. After a summer of baseball two remaining ground crew members assumed their solitary work of covering home plate and the pitcher’s mound. The inevitable was just moments away. Soon the skies opened up, and Mother Nature

  • Memories are Made of This0

    Most of the flag-waving, cardboard-sliding, Simba-video-watching thousands who attended last month’s Little League Baseball World Series weren’t even born when Dean Martin’s 1955 hit record ‘Memories are Made of This’ was released. But those who witnessed the small-fry classic saw a variety of firsts that made the 2019 series a memorable one. The combination of


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