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  • In the Woods Before Daylight?0

    I remember when I started spring gobbler hunting years ago; I did what all spring gobbler hunters did — I got up before daylight and headed to a likely ambush point. Like most gobbler hunters I would start with a soft tree call and listen for birds to fly down from the roost. As many

  • Rough Times for the Ruffed Grouse0

    With spring underway, I should be writing about gobbling turkeys instead of ruffed grouse, but the declining grouse numbers have been getting a lot of attention lately. I’ll admit that I am not a real avid grouse hunter, but in years past I would occasionally head out to the nearby woodlots in search of that

  • Mops Anyone?0

    A couple of weeks ago some friends and I attended the Fly-Fishing Show in downtown Lancaster. If you are a fly-fishing enthusiast then very likely you are also a fly-tying devotee as well, and if that’s the case, this show should be on your agenda. Anything a fly tier would ever need is on display

  • CWD – Not Going Away0

    Writing about the great outdoors is something outdoor writers enjoy doing — myself included. Some subjects like chronic wasting disease or CWD, however, are very disheartening and garner a good bit of controversy as well. Like it or not CWD is here. It’s an integral part of our hunting heritage, and it’s probably not going


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