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    Larry Stout

    Larry W. Stout has worn lots of hats over the years; a decorated military veteran, ordained pastor, university professor in Europe, and missionary to the former Soviet Union. He has authored textbooks on human resource management and leadership that have been translated into six languages as well as had published two novels. He currently invests his energies as a foster parent and board member for eight different community organizations. He is a native of Montgomery, graduating from Montgomery Area High School in 1970, who married his high school sweetheart Debbie, and together they have raised two sons and two daughters, one of which is adopted, but they cannot remember which one.

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  • This Week’s LION: Staying Positive being COVID Positive0

    What is it like to be COVID-positive? What is it like to live in the same house together with a family member who has this virus? My daughter, Elizabeth, is a healthcare worker in the greater Philadelphia area, and two weeks ago she called my wife and I with the solemn news that she had

  • This Week’s LION: Hope from Israel0

    There is a saying that misery loves company, and if that statement is true, there must be a lot of love going around these days. It has been estimated that one-third of the world is in some form of isolation due to the COVID-19 virus. I was curious how some of these folks are coping

  • This Week’s LION: “Essential” Workers0

    There are many subplots to this Coronavirus Crisis. One is the continual emergence of the Law of Unintended Consequences. An example of this was Governor Wolf’s mandate that PennDOT temporarily close its 30 rest areas statewide on March 17 due to coronavirus mitigation efforts. However, this was quickly lifted because those Harrisburg bureaucrats who determined

  • This Week’s LION: Coronavirus Chronicles0

    We are in truly remarkable times. Consider the past one hundred years, and what events stopped this country in its tracks. There was Pearl Harbor (1941), Kennedy’s assassination (1963), the 911 attacks (2001), and now the COVID (Crisis/Scare?) of 2020. Yes, there have certainly been headline-grabbing events over past decades such as Watergate in the

  • This Week’s LION: Resource (Foster) Parents0

    One of the difficulties in growing older is not just the decline in physical vibrancy and mental alertness but also adjusting to the new meanings of words. In my lifetime, “liking” someone meant more than checking a box on a screen, a “tweet” was a sound from a small bird, and a “meltdown” was reserved

  • Saint Patrick’s Day is for Everyone0

    Who was Saint Patrick? Originally born near the end of the fourth century in Britain, probably Wales, he was captured by Irish pirates in his teens and was forced to work as a shepherd. In his early twenties, Patrick was able to escape and return to Britain, and sometime later had some kind of visionary


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