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  • Spongy Moth Destruction0

    Have you been in woods lately? Have you heard what almost sounds like rain hitting the leaves above your head? I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that’s not a passing summer shower. What you are hearing are Spongy moths, and their munching is doing a number on our local forests and

  • We Hold These Truths to be Self-Evident0

    Happy 246th Birthday, America! In my office hangs a sign. This metal rectangle has the American Flag draped down one side of what appears to be an old colonial-style wood background. I cannot remember where the sign came from, but as I describe it, I’m sure many of you will be familiar with it. The

  • Winner, Winner Grilled Chicken Dinner0

    Let’s kick off the start of the Fourth of July with some good news! It’s time to announce the winner of our Great American Cookout Giveaway! Congratulations to Carl Betts of Trout Run! Carl is getting all set up with a new grill courtesy of Elery Nau Hardware; he’ll also have everything he needs for

  • The Road to Montgomery Now Paved in Gold0

    Congratulations to the Montgomery softballers and the Red Raider Nation on winning their first Class A PIAA State Championship. What an absolutely amazing accomplishment that should bring a smile to everybody’s face locally. Montgomery Area High School graduated 60 students this year and is truly a small-town community high school. They are a very proud

  • Pride0

    After all these years, I’m not sure if y’all still need the disclaimer, but just in case, here we go… Things on this page are about to get really gay. So, pull out your rainbow flags and buckle up. But as I’ve mentioned in years prior, if you intend to send me hate, tell me

  • A Dad’s Love is a Gift From Above0

    Those of you waiting for me to get out my Louisville Slugger and take some swings at all the tough issues bombarding our Nation are going to have to wait another week This week we’re going to celebrate Father’s Day with a little history, some thoughts about the day, and a great giveaway. I had

  • Happy Father’s Day…0

    I just want to take a minute to say Happy Father’s Day… First off Happy Father’s Day to Steve. You are an amazing Dad and Kiddo and I love you! Now on to my list. It changes and flows from year to year, but the sentiment remains the same… Happy Father’s Day to the Dads

  • Grads and Giveaways0

    A Webb Weekly tip of the hat and congratulations to all our recent high school graduates. What a special time in a young person’s life when they take that walk with their fellow classmates and celebrate an achievement that began with their very first days of school. I always enjoy looking at the pictures that

  • Adopt a Shelter Cat0

    Given our cover story, it seems appropriate to use my space this week to celebrate ‘Adopt a Shelter Cat Month.’ We all know that there are plenty of cats in shelters that could use good homes. More than ever, the kitties need our help. Not only are thousands of newborn kittens joining the millions of

  • Sorrow, Grace and the Future0

    I’m sure many of you have experienced the same emotions I have since first learning about the shooting at Robb Elementary school in Texas. As I am writing this, I am in just flat-out angry mode. These are our children; we are the United States of America, and we must find a way to protect

  • Summer 2022 Calendar of Events0

    I have always said, if you think there is nothing to do in our area, that you aren’t even trying. There is almost always something happening, somewhere to go, or something to do in our area. Adult, kid and family activities are easy to find, because there are plenty of them to do. Don’t believe

  • Run, Hide, Fight0

    “Get ready to die!” Those chilling words echoed through an elementary school classroom in Texas. And die they did. After several agonizing minutes, 21 individuals were dead. No, not dead — slaughtered. As if the situation wasn’t horrific enough, 19 of those individuals killed last Tuesday were children averaging around the age of 10 years