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  • We’re Going on an Easter Egg (Basket) Hunt!0

    Spring has finally sprung, and it’s officially the second and final week of our Easter Egg (Basket) Hunt contest! And just a heads up, I’ve decided to make things more difficult this week. So be sure to count extra good, because not only will you find the baskets in the regular portion of the paper,

  • Happy St. Patrick’s Day0

    I’ve mentioned before that I am not Irish. I am a whole lotta Italian, with a little German sprinkled in for funsies. But alas wee lads and lassies, I don’t see any harm in finding the Irish spirit and having some St. Patrick’s Day fun! But before you don your green clothes and wish on

  • Finally March!0

    Woohoo! We made it! March is finally here, and, fingers crossed, the bulk of winter is behind us! The March 6th sunset time is scheduled for 6:05 p.m.! Spring Training has begun! I saw the sun like at least three times last week! I even heard mourning doves the other morning! But don’t get too

  • It’s a Leap Year!

    It’s a Leap Year!0

    2024 is a Leap Year. But the real question is, why? Why do we add an extra day to February once every four years? To be honest, I didn’t really know. So, to the internet, we go! According to National Geographic Kids (because it’s early in the morning, I haven’t had much coffee, and we

  • Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month0

    Dating violence is more common than you may think, especially among teens and young adults: 1 in 3 U.S. teens will experience physical, sexual, or emotional abuse from someone they’re in a relationship with before becoming adults. And nearly half (43%) of U.S. college women report experiencing violent or abusive dating behaviors. For parents and

  • That’s Amore0

    Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope your day (and week, and month, and year) are full of all the love you could hope for! If you haven’t found your Valentine yet, allow me to help! I’ve compiled a list of pick-up lines that are guaranteed* to have the future love of your life fawning all over


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