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  • Staying Socially and Physically Active as You Age0

    As you age, it is important to stay socially active as well as physically active. However, the older you get, the fewer opportunities you have for socialization and your desire to stay physically fit often decreases. Several studies have shown seniors who regularly engage in social activities have lower levels of loneliness, depression, and cognitive

  • Living-Donor Liver Transplant: Frequently Asked Questions

    Living-Donor Liver Transplant: Frequently Asked Questions0

    With close to 14,000 people on the liver transplant waiting list, the wait for a transplant may take years. Despite increased awareness of organ donation and the pressing need for donors, people with end-stage liver disease continue to die while on the waiting list because an appropriate match wasn’t found in time. As a result,

  • Preparation, Time Key to Safe Winter Travel0

    Cold weather comes with winters in Pennsylvania. It’s important to remember that a little preparation and allowing for extra time can go a long way to keep you safe when traveling this winter. Severe weather can be both frightening and dangerous for drivers. When it comes to safely traveling in any type of winter weather

  • Resolutions for a Happy and Healthy 20190

    Each year, the number one and number two New Year’s resolutions for Americans are to get healthy and lose weight. But only eight percent of people felt they keep that resolution beyond a few months. It is important to start 2019 with the right types of resolutions — healthy resolutions that help you reach your

  • How to Face Your Surgery Fears to Get the Care You Need0

    No one likes to hear “you need surgery,” but sometimes medicine and lifestyle changes just aren’t enough to fix the problem. It is only natural to be a little anxious when you find out you need to have surgery. Learn how to face and overcome your fear of surgery quickly to ensure you get the