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  • Interesting to Amazing: Moms are Amazing!!0

    How many women, if they could look into the future, would still decide to get married and have a family? There are few guarantees in this “deal.” I am awed when I consider what my mother went through. Would she still have married Sam from Rhode Island after WWII if she could have foreseen the

  • Interesting to Amazing Why??0

    My topic for the week is postponed because, again, in the news last week a person in NYC whom on the outside was “loved by all of her patients and coworkers” and “a true friend who always extended her kindness to those around her“ ended her life. She left a list of things in life

  • Interesting to Amazing What did you say?0

    I must preface this by saying I am far from perfect, and no better than anyone else. But, try as I might, I’ve “blown my stack” at times when I get overly frustrated with something. For many years now, I afterward apologize. What I want to address is the constant decline of what’s spoken in