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  • Fostering a Secret Hope0

    Wasn’t sure how to present this story to you, as it came upon me all of a sudden. I didn’t want to wait till Christmas, and I didn’t want to rattle the comforts of what we take for granted on Thanksgiving. But I got disturbed pondering all of the foster children out there, waiting for

  • Mirror in the Bathroom0

    Mirror in the bathroom, please talk free, the door is locked, just you and me. Can I take you to a restaurant that’s got glass tables, you can watch yourself while you are eating. – The English Beat Girls can spend hours in front of it with no shame. It’s your morning companion to comb,

  • Remember Carefree Cola Guzzling? Soda I.0

    There was a time in America when gulping a soda or Slurpee was as innocent as taking a breath of air. But times and outlooks are changing fast. Probably for the better. Come January 1, 2018, Geisinger health facilities will eliminate all sugary drinks and they won’t be available in vending machines, cafeterias or any

  • Some Post-Halloween Thoughts0

    Hey kids, your “sugar overload” is about to commence. Halloween that is, (or was). You’re going to make your dentist happy and your parents upset as you try to devour five times the legal limit of chocolate into your body at one sitting. I speak from experience. So here’s another quick tip before you dress


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