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  • How to Return the Unreturnable0

    We’ve all been guilty of impulse purchases that have gone awry, like buying something without trying it on first or buying a piece of clothing that seemed to fit OK in the dressing room, but magically turned out horrible when you got home. Common sense would have you return whatever doesn’t fit or flatter. But,

  • A Less Expensive Wedding0

    Chances are that, if you’re getting married this summer, you already have your arrangements semi-set in stone by now. That’s just the nature of the multi-headed wedding beast that is vendors, caterers, churches, photographers, etc., which all require months if not YEARS advance booking. However, no matter the deposits you may have already put down,

  • Spring Sprucing0

    Whether it’s a major overhaul of the entire house or just some reorganizing of closets and cabinets, there’s just something about spring that lends itself to cleaning up the home front. After all the washing and scrubbing, this year, consider taking it one step further with some spring sprucing! What is spring sprucing, you ask?

  • Making the Most of Your Skin Care Routine0

    Whether you have a diehard ten-step beauty regimen, or you’re a wash-‘n-go type, chances are your skin care products could be working against you if you’re not putting them on in the correct order. On the flip side, having the proper application sequence can make them more effective. Generally, the best order in which to


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