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  • Memories of Canning0

    There was a knock at the door. There stood my Pap with a plastic bag full of veggies. “Hey honey! Now, I’m not going to stay, but I wanted to drop these off to you. I thought you could use them.” He was always bringing me produce. How my Pap, Floyd Liddick, loved to garden.

  • Cookbook


    When I decided to write my own cookbook back in 2013, I figured I’d sell a few hundred. I didn’t even know where to begin on this. It was quite the project. Took me over six months to write, then publish. To get it printed took another few months. I guess I thought that would

  • Good Mornin’

    Good Mornin’0

    Mornings. You either love them, or hate them. The older I get, the more I’ve learned to love them. I never used eat breakfast, which became a bad habit. Who had time for breakfast? It was feeding everyone in the house first, then throwing a quick load of wash in, unload the dishwasher, oh now

  • Gotta Love That Crock-Pot

    Gotta Love That Crock-Pot0

    We all know we just had a week where the heat was unbearable. Days like that, the last thing you think about is cooking. This is why I love my Crock-Pots! I tend to associate them to the winter months, when it’s cold and I have a nice hot stew or soup ready to go


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