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Williamsport Sun: May 27, 1935 – Circus Takes Possession of City Friday; Big Parade is Witnessed by Big Crowd

Cole Brothers-Clyde Beatty, the second largest circus in the world is in Williamsport today.

It was around 8 o’clock last night when the Cole-Beatty Circus arrived in town. Thousands waited from noon to witness the unloading and the thousands were either at Third and Rose streets or the Maynard Street grounds when the rest wagons were detrained. They were not disappointed though the circus men were forced to be nocturnal laborers to complete their task of erecting the canvas city.

In addition to the performance this afternoon, another exhibition will be given tonight, the doors opening promptly at 7 p.m. to permit inspection of the Clyde Beatty zoological exhibit.

Thousands thronged the downtown streets around noontime when the street parade of the Cole-Beatty Circus passed in review. The parade lived up to advanced notices and presented over 200 horses, five bands of music and two calliopes, as well as a long line of elephants and camels. Bandwagons much like they had 20 years ago were also much in evidence.

Altogether more than American performers will be seen in the big show. They represent 18 foreign countries. In this vast modern circus are single companies of performers that outnumber the entire personnel of old time shows. Three rings, two stages, immense steel arena, a huge aerial enclave and giant hippodrome oval are used simultaneously for the displays.

The circus will depart at midnight over the Pennsylvania Railroad for Wilkes-Barre where it will exhibit Tuesday.