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Williamsport Sun: May 15, 1924 – Trolley Company to Speed Service on Fourth Street

The Williamsport Passenger Railway Company is getting ready to speed up operation of their trolly cars on West Fourth Street.

W.H. Evans, superintendent of the trolly company, appeared before city council to ask permission to put in a curve at the southwest corner of Fourth and Market Streets for the purpose of cutting out some unnecessary operation of some cars between Market and Basin on Fourth Street.

Mr. Evans had with him blueprints showing several plans for the proposed curve, one of which had been approved by the city engineer and would give a 14-foot clearance between the curb and the car track. Mr. Evans said the company is ready to go ahead with the work but wanted the approval of the city council. He was informed that the ordinance granting permission for the work would be ready for presentation at the next council meeting.

Superintendent Evans states that when the curve is installed at Fourth and Market the cars will turn the curve at the point and proceed south on Market Street and every other car will go to Basin Street.

Later the company may ask permission to double track Market Street between Fourth Street and the Pennsylvania railroad tracks as a means of improving service.

Superintendent Evans and members of city council are this afternoon inspecting the work being done on the new curve at West Fourth and Arch Streets in Newberry.