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Williamsport Sun: May 2, 1939 – Goods Taken from Cabin Month Ago Returned and Fuel Added as Donation

The robbers who some time ago broke into the “Crooked Riffles” cottage, owned by George H. Bubb of this city, and located about one and one-half miles from Shore Acres along Loyalsock Creek, apparently underwent a strange change of heart, for all of the goods that were stolen have been mysteriously returned.

Not only that, Mr. Bubb made the discovery that the goods had been returned to the cottage, but he also found out that half a cord of wood, cut to fireplace length had been placed on the property. There was no wood there when he closed the cottage last fall, nor when he had discovered that the cottage had been broken into in early April, Mr. Bubb stated.

To add to the mystery, there is no indication that the wood had been cut on the property or even nearby. Apparently, the wood was cut some distance away and hauled to the Bubb cottage and piled up neatly.

At the time Mr. Bubb discovered the burglary he found that the robbers had smashed out the glass in the back door and reached in to unfasten the lock. The cottage was ransacked from top to bottom. A quantity of silver and clothes and other articles were missing.

It is believed that prosecution of three young men for recent burglaries at the cabins of Dr. A.C. Lamade and Dr. A.F. Hardt, located along Wallis Run Road, not far from the Bubb cottage but on the other side of the creek, might have convinced the robbers of the Bubb property that discretion is, after all, the better part of valor.