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Williamsport Sun: April 15, 1920 – County Drive for Jewish Relief Begins Monday

Beginning on Monday of next week and continuing for one week, Jews of this county will ask for funds for the American Jewish Relief, which is looking after war sufferers. One of the unusual features of the plea for funds is there will be no solicitors or teams out requesting money for this cause, but several places in the city and county will be designated where contributions may be made.

The quota for this county as set by the national committee is $10,000. At the outset the committee had planned to make the quota $20,000 but in view of the fact that so many organizations have asked for funds it was decided to cut the amount in half.

Samuel E. Ulman, of this city has been named chairman of the local organization and Ben Hirsch, also of the city, has been made secretary. James B. Graham of the Northern Central Trust Company has been named treasurer of American Jewish Relief.

Over six million Jews in eastern and central Europe, almost twice as many of the number of Jews in the United States are actually in need of food at this time. They have nothing to look to, to keep from immediate starvation except the breadlines, soup kitchens and milk stations which the American Jewish relief agencies are establishing. The conditions that have left them starving and dependent are not of their own making. War which took their men, destroyed their trade, devastated their countries in which they have dwelt for centuries, tore down their homes, drove many to foreign lands is alone to blame for their predicament. Among the six million are starving men, women and children.

The funds raised in this city are to be used for relief stations which are dotted all over Europe are to serve the Jews of Poland, Lithuania, Czechoslovakia, Palestine, Siberia and the Orient from starvation. The money will enable these milk stations, soup kitchens and bread lines to keep open for a longer time and to establish new ones. It will also establish orphanages, give children food and a place to stay. It will give the Jewish race a chance to work to their own relief.