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Williamsport Area Little League Opens Its Season on Saturday, April 27

Our national pastime of baseball will be in full swing when the Williamsport Area Little League opens its 2024 season on Saturday, April 27. It will do so at the newly constructed fields at Brandon Park. There is an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation by the league’s officials and players.

“We’re excited to be back at Brandon Park and once again have Little League Baseball and Softball played within the city limits of Williamsport. We hope that we can provide the kids within our community with the best little league baseball and softball experience possible,” Ron Diemer, president of the Williamsport Area Little League, told Webb Weekly.

He said that WALL this year consists of 44 teams, 10 tee ball, nine softball, and 25 baseball teams. According to Diemer, the number of players participating has increased over the past several years, constituting more than 370 players.

The league serves the previous boundaries of Brandon, Newberry, and Old Lycoming leagues. It also serves children attending Bostley’s Child Care, Jackson Primary, Cochran Primary, Curtin Intermediate, Lycoming Valley Intermediate, Williamsport Area Middle School, and St. John Neumann schools.

Diemer was asked what type of administrative infrastructure the league has, and he answered, “We currently have 20 plus volunteer board members and over 100 coach and parent volunteers that contribute to the success of our league. Over the past few years, we have developed working relationships with both Old Lycoming Township and the City of Williamsport, and there have been several local colleges and businesses that have provided some support on many different levels.”

In conjunction with this, Diemer talked of the support the league has received from the parents of players in the league. “We have seen a very positive reaction and plenty of support from our parents. We are a completely volunteer-driven organization, and it’s because of the parents and volunteers that we are able to do what we do! Their dedication and support are what makes the Williamsport Area Little League successful for all those associated with the league.”

WALL is also excited about upgrades to their Old Lycoming facility! President Diemer, and VP Levi Schappell worked with the Old Lycoming Supervisors and Penn College to upgrade their electrical in the concession stand, the pavilion with lights and outlets, they also added drainage to the boys’ field as well as security lighting, and other upgrades!

Opening ceremonies begin at 9 a.m., and baseball of all levels will continue throughout the day until evening. The league will also continue to utilize some fields in Old Lycoming Township.

Be sure to follow the WALL Facebook page. They are doing regular raffles, with great prizes like lottery tickets and gift cards, Beats headphones, outdoor power equipment and more in order to raise funds for the league.