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Williamsport Sun: March 24, 1942 – Good Friday Observance Wins Favor

A wider observance of Good Friday was forecast today by the Rev. J. Moulton Thomas, rector of the Trinity Episcopal Church, and chairman of the Mayor’s Good Friday Observance Committee.

He said the results received from the subcommittee yesterday, when the general committee met at City Hall, indicated a widespread acceptance of Good Friday observance.

Merchants are planning to close their doors for the “hours of silence” from noon to 3 p.m. Food merchants and coal dealers are joining in this year’s observance.

The initial report of the theater committee indicated that to date the Capital and Keystone theaters have joined the movement and will close for the three hours.

Traffic on the city street will be stopped for one minute and all buses of the Williamsport Transportation Company will halt for a similar period.

The committee’s campaign for cooperation is expected to move into full swing this afternoon when Boy Scouts begin distributing of 800 placards announcing acceptance of its objective. These placards will only be displayed by merchants, business places and industrial plants cooperating.

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