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Williamsport Sun: February 25, 1939 – CTA Pamphlet Suggests Route Through City For Motorists Going to Fair

The publicity committee of the Community Trade Association today released information contained in a pamphlet outlining the short scenic route to the New York World’s Fair between Cleveland and New York via Williamsport.

A savings of approximately 75 miles each way may be realized by motorists of the Mid-Western and Western states who plan to travel to New York City via Cleveland and Williamsport, the pamphlet points out.

There are 120,000 pamphlets printed publicizing the route and are expected to be available for distribution to large cities and metropolitan areas possibly next week.

The booklet emphasizes that many motorists from central and western prairie states usually visit Chicago before starting East.

The pamphlet suggests they make Cleveland their next focal point and then follow the Lakes-to-Sea Highway from Cleveland to Williamsport (300 miles) and from Williamsport to New York via Hazleton, Easton, Phillipsburg, New Jersey, and the fast New Jersey highways devoid of any large cities and traffic congestion, through the famous overhead Pulaski Skyway, directly into the Holland Tunnel into New York City.

The committee explains that Williamsport is a natural overnight stop from Cleveland. This city is a short, leisurely drive of 195 miles to New York City.

The Cleveland-Williamsport-Williamsport route is not only shorter but extends through the heart of some of Pennsylvania’s best scenery, the committee states. Williamsport is the center of the great Northcentral Pennsylvania hunting and fishing region and from it many short afternoon trips can be enjoyed, the CTA groups suggests numerous state forests and parks are available for picnics, swimming, or recreation. Attractive side trips can be taken up the Pine Creek, Lycoming and Loyalsock valleys.