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Becoming a Dog Person

Becoming a Dog Person

I had never considered myself to be a dog person. Not that I was anti-dog or anything; I just didn’t think they were for me. I was always a cat lady (and still am!).

When Steve started talking about getting a dog four-ish years ago, I was a little hesitant. But I figured I’d be willing to try if we could agree on a breed and find the right one.

Now, keep in mind I had never really had a dog before. My mom had gotten a dog when I was around 16, but that was her dog, and honestly — Sadie was more like a cat than a dog anyway.

After a bunch of research, Steve and I decided that a rottweiler would be a good breed for us. I know that seems crazy because of their size, but they are great family dogs and are good for both active people like Steve and lazy people like me! The rest, as they say, is history…

The only other breed of dog I had ever considered was a Basset Hound. Reason being the long-running joke that I wanted a dog as lazy as I am!

That brings us to last week (well, last week as of you are reading this).

Steve came across a Facebook post from a friend who was looking to help find a home for an adorable Basset. The boy had been found on a job site, and the person who was looking after him wasn’t able to keep him.

Steve brought the post to my attention, but honestly, I was so caught up in trying to get this week’s issue done that I didn’t give it a whole lotta thought, and maybe, kinda snapped at Steve for even thinking about it…(Sorry, honey!)

Luckily, Steve, knowing how much I’ve always wanted a Basset, ignored me and got in touch with the friend. He was able to set up a time for Basset-boy to meet our Bulleit-boy and see if we could make this work.

As luck or fate would have it, the boys got along really well. Steve was able to bring Basset-boy home with him that day.

Basset-boy will officially be known as Booker. Bulleit is named one of our favorite bourbons, so we decided to keep with the theme and name Booker after whiskey as well!

So far (and knock on wood), the transition to a two-dog household has been going really well. The cats are a little peeved, but they’ll come around, and the boys have been doing really great with each other.

Booker-Boy is lacking in training, but we’ve started working on that, and luckily, he does appear to be mostly housebroken, which will certainly make things better!

I am thankful that Steve stumbled across that post and that Lisa gave us the first shot with Booker. We are excited to add our new addition and looking forward to a new set of adventures as a two-dog family.

I can’t say that I ever saw myself becoming a dog person. But I have come to love my boys so much and can’t wait to get to know our new boy! I guess I’m officially a dog person…