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Local Author Bill Stanford’s New Book, “Coop the Crow Goes to the Moon”

Local Author Bill Stanford’s New Book, “Coop the Crow Goes to the Moon”

Recent release “Coop the Crow Goes to the Moon,” from Covenant Books author Bill Stanford, is an adorable story that centers around Coop, a crow with a penchant for collecting shiny objects to hoard in his special hiding spot inside a hollowed tree. One night, after staring at the moon and its brilliance, Coop decides he must have it for himself, and sets off into space to add it to his collection.

Bill Stanford, a cartoonist, illustrator, and writer, has completed his new book, “Coop the Crow Goes to the Moon”: a charming tale of a crow named Coop who loves collecting shiny things but is never satisfied and sets his sight on bringing home the shiniest object in the night sky to have all to himself.

A lifelong resident of the hilltops in rural Pennsylvania, Stanford previously worked as the official illustrator of the New York Yankees baseball magazine, and illustrated a set of NASCAR trading cards, which led to an honorary appearance at an all-star race in Charlotte. After a few years spent drawing editorial cartoons about current events, Stanford has spent the past few years drawing a weekly cartoon strip for Webb Weekly, titled, “Brandon Park,” about a goofy black bear and his best buddy, a chipmunk. Currently, Stanford serves as a technical illustrator for Lycoming Engines, an aircraft engine manufacturer, and spends as much time as possible tromping through the Pennsylvania woods.

“Coop is a little crow who likes shiny things,” writes Stanford. “While the other crows are playing, Coop spends his time collecting and collecting and collecting. He gets so carried away with collecting that one day, he decides to add the moon to his collection. Things don’t work out as he planned, but they work out even better! This is the story of what takes Coop the Crow to visit the moon!”

Published by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, Bill Stanford’s new book will take readers of all ages on an engaging journey as they follow along on Coop’s quest to have the brightest collection amongst his friends. But will Coop manage to convince the moon to go home with him, or will he learn a valuable lesson in the process about appreciating what one has versus always wanting more?

Accompanied by vivid and colorful artwork to bring Stanford’s story to life, young readers are sure to find delight in “Coop the Crow Goes to the Moon” and want to revisit this fun tale over and over again.

Readers can purchase “Coop the Crow Goes to the Moon” at bookstores, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

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