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Play Ball!

Play Ball!

Every year, I mention that I think of the Little League World Series as the unofficial end of summer. Normally, I see that unofficial end coming, but I’ve got to be honest: it’s really snuck up on me this year. I can’t remember the last time that summer has felt so short!

But, since this is where we are at, we may as well enjoy it.

The LLBWS is one of my favorite times of the year. Seeing the world descend on our little corner of the globe is really something amazing to see!

Admittedly, I’m a little biased because my media credentials allow me some of the best views of the game possible. Just gotta watch for those foul balls!

As a member of the media, I also want to send a shout-out to the Communications staff at Little League. Kevin Fountain, Brian McClintock, Chris Downs, and all the rest. They do a phenomenal job of keeping all the media organized and up to date and help us out with whatever we need. Even when you need to dig up a 50-year-old team photo! Special shout out to Lauren Rude, Communications Coordinator, for getting that to me!

If you head over to catch a game or two, be sure to bring some cardboard with you if you are watching from the hill. One of my favorite parts of the LLWS is watching all the kids slide down the hill.

The big question each year is, “What’s new at the LLWS?” Luckily, I’ve got a guy for that. Lou will have all the details over on page X, including the ins and outs of the new bag policy. And before you get all squirrelly about the clear bags, remember, at the end of the day, these policies aren’t there to inconvenience you. They are there to help keep people safe. I can’t speak for anyone else, but personally, I have no issue following the policy if it keeps people, but especially a whole lotta innocent kids, safe.

We are also welcoming a new team to the Series this year. For the first time, there will be a team representing Cuba at the LLWS. The Cuban team will be Bayamo Little League from Bayamo, Cuba. They actually qualified for the Series way back in March!

As always, here’s your yearly PSA to be kind and have patience for the next two weeks. Yes, traffic gets messy, and restaurant wait times get a little long, but so far, you’ve survived every year you’ve lived through the World Series, and this year won’t be any different.

Be especially kind while driving. Not only because it’s safer, but sometimes I think people don’t really notice how difficult it can be to navigate our little city. We have a lot of one-way streets, alleys, roundabouts, etc., that can make getting from point A to point B less than simple. Plus, I’ve seen how some of y’all drive on a normal day when you know where you’re going, so maybe cut the visitors a little slack.

I can’t wait to head over to Lamade and Volunteer stadiums to catch as much action as I can at the year’s Little League World Series, and I hope you all get to go over and have some family-friendly fun of your own!