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Unwanted Guests

By now, if you planted in spring, you are probably already enjoying the fruits of your labor.

I bet other unwanted guests have also been sneaking goodies from your plants.

To date, I have seen deer, rabbits, birds, and stray cats roaming my garden.

To keep unwanted guests out of your plants, you can try placing moth balls around your plants. The only drawback is the smell. Some gardeners place bars of soap on steaks or scatter shaved soap pieces onto the soil. You can string empty cans together and tie them up between your plants. Tying them two or three rows high will stop rabbits from jumping over. You can also plant strong odor plants like garlic, onions, basil, lavender, and marigolds.

My garden is in a somewhat remote area, so I opted for a fence. I attached 7-foot posts to the outside perimeter of my raised beds and then, using a staple gun, fixed 7-foot tall, black, plastic fencing to the posts. The fencing has 1-inch square openings, which makes it virtually invisible and keeps the animals out.

You can also install a motion detection spotlight. My garden is equipped with a motion activated light with a camera. I like to watch what goes on during the night, which helps prevent future problems based on the guest.

Happy Gardening #70