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Reflections On the Loss of a Dear Friend

Reflections On the Loss of a Dear Friend

Last week, I lost a dear friend, Vicki Smith, who died after a more than 10-year battle against breast cancer. Most obituaries would probably state that she lost her battle against cancer. Well, Vicki never lost at anything. She battled this scourge the whole way and bore her burden with dignity and strength. She never gave up and never said, “Why me?”

She lived her life with kindness and compassion and was very devoted to her loving family and friends. She loved doing things with her family and was particularly proud of her two nieces. She was very devoted to her beloved dog, Winston, whom she enjoyed walking in nearby Brandon Park. My friend Beth plans to have a tree planted in Brandon Park in Vicki’s memory.

She was very proud of her house and enjoyed doing the landscaping to make it a place she could be proud of. She was loved and was an inspiration to all who knew and loved her.

She loved and was passionate about the local music scene, which she often took in with her dear friend, Beth DeJesus England. She was very proud of her music collection, which contained a wide variety of the various styles of music. She particularly loved jazz. I can remember well going with her to see live jazz on Thursday nights, I believe at The Brickyard. She enjoyed those sessions so much.

In the same musical vein, Vicki’s friend Beth and the group she is in, “Shoofly,” dedicated a song in Vicki’s memory at the recent benefit for late musician Paul Hively. The song was Bob Dylan’s “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.” Well, Vicki did not have to knock on the door. She gained admittance without having to knock.

Each spring, there are beautiful flowers everywhere, and their blooms bring us pleasure with their great beauty, but that beauty only lasts for a comparatively short time. Even though the beauty fades and disappears, our memories of that beauty are lasting; such is the case with my beautiful friend Vicki. She was only with us for a painfully short period of time, but the memory of her beauty and beauty of spirit stays with us permanently. We will always remember that beauty, and to us, she will always remain forever young.

Shakespeare wrote in Romeo and Juliet, “When she shall die, cut her out into little stars so that she shall make the face of heaven so fine so that all the world will be in love with night and pay no mind to the garish sun.” When I look to the heavens at night, I think of Vicki as one of those stars shining down on me.

Goodnight, sweet princess Vicki, may flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.