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Williamsport Sun: July 19, 1928 – Estimate 5,000 at Park by Noon for Newberry Picnic

A record crowd attended the eighth annual Newberry Picnic held at Memorial Field today.

The transportation committee was busy transporting the baskets from various places in Newberry to the grounds where the people called for them. Trucks were loaded with many good things to eat. As early as 7:30 o’clock people could be seen going over to the park with their arms loaded.

It was estimated at noon that fully 5,000 were at the picnic and many more planned to attend for supper. Gallons and gallons of lemonade were served free during the morning and coffee was also to be given away for dinner.

The Newberry Band with about 30 pieces, paraded from Diamond Street to the park at 11 o’clock and furnished plenty of music.

The swimming events were staged at 11 o’clock and the results were as follows: 50-yard swimming while swimming under water, won by Robert Wagner, prize, Jantzen swimming suits, 50-yard dash won by Donald Umlauf, prize, Eversharp pencil, with James Minnick being given honorable mention. Swimming staying underwater the longest, James Berger, prize, scout knife.

The remainder of the events were scheduled for this afternoon, beginning at 2:30 o’clock.

Free rides on the various devices for the kiddies this afternoon, together with cakes, root beer, peanuts, and ice cream cones.