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Williamsport Sun: July 15, 1941 – Montoursville Drys Quesion Legalities of We Petitions in Effort to Secure Liquor Vote Compiled

Leaders of Dry forces in Montoursville are questioning the legality of petitions recently circulating in the borough seeking a local option vote on the question of the legal sale of liquor in the borough.

It is contended that 343 signatures are needed on the liquor petition and that the liquor petition only contains only 272 names, several of whom are duplicates and their registration questioned.

Four leaders of the dry movement in Montoursville were at the courthouse checking every signature on the petition. Meanwhile in the same room, a man sent by an area tearoom was copying all the signatures on the beer petitions recently circulated by the dry interests.

For the past four years the sale of liquor has been illegal in Montoursville. In the local option vote four years ago, sale of liquor was defeated, and the sale of beer was voted affirmatively by a close vote.

The local option petitions from Jersey Shore, Montoursville, Nippenose, Hepburn and Porter Townships asking that the question of granting beer and liquor licenses be placed on the ballot for the September 8 primary election scheduled in these five districts were to be submitted to Solicitor Dan E. Kline for his approval.

Solicitor Kline will be giving a ruling determining the number of signatures needed.