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Williamsport Sun: July 5, 1933 – Teen Pedals Hard to Get License Hit-Run Driver

Hard pedaling on the part of 14-year-old Tony Lyon of Hollywood Circle, may bring about the apprehension of a hit-and-run driver, who struck a machine driven by Mrs. Oliver Crooks, 926 First Avenue as she drove south on Campbell Street this morning.

A coupe proceeding west on Louisa Street, struck the car driven by Mrs. Crooks and which was occupied by several children, smashed the rear end and drove it over the sidewalk narrowly missing a pedestrian. In the excitement of the crash, no one got the license number of the other car, a coupe which only paused momentarily and then dashed rapidly on Louisa Street to Second Avenue where it turned south.

A truck tried to catch the car but was thrown off the track. Lyon made his way on his bicycle at full speed for the business section on the assumption that the car would double on its tracks. Within a few minutes the boy was at the corner of West Fourth and Pine Streets where he saw the hit-and-run car bearing Ohio plates as it stopped for traffic lights. He got the complete license number and put it in possession of police who immediately sent out a teletype message asking that the car be stopped.

Beyond a severe shaking up no one in the Crooks car was injured, although the car suffered damage about the rear.

The case was investigated by Captain Schmucker and Officer Lewis Hartman.