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Williamsport Sun: June 17, 1919 – Tannery to Erect New Plant Here

Recommendations have just been drawn up by the J.K. Mosser Tannery, a plant of the Armour Leather Company, located in Newberry, which calls for the erection of a new six-story manufacturing building on Arch Street, for the purpose of expanding the cutting business of the local company.

When the new department is in operation it is expected that the workforce at the factory will triple.

According to present plans, the new structure will be built of reinforced concrete, with brick facings and up-to-date and modern in every detail. Plans call for 35,000 feet of floor space. The building will have frontage of 150 feet on Arch Street, 302 feet in depth and 196 feet in the rear, where the new structure will adjoin the present property.

The building will be erected on property that the company has owned for some time and also includes the recent purchase of a 50-foot lot on Arch Street secured from James Davison. Arrangements are now being made to move the dwellings on Arch Street that now stand on the site for the new building, to other locations. Realizing the need for housing facilities the company has taken this step instead of tearing the dwellings down.

The object of the company in erecting the new building is to double the output in the cutting department, which will mean a probable increase in the number of employees.