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Summer Bucket List

I am notorious for the Uncompleted Bucket List. It’s a terrible habit. I have all these big ideas and plans, and then — poof! — my timeline has passed, and I’m lucky if I have completed one or two items. That being said, does that keep me from making said lists and still being content with only getting a couple of things done? You betchya!

So, what’s on my Summer 2023 Bucket List? Let’s discuss…

Since I just returned from a trip to Vermont, and that always makes me think I could be the next great trail runner (despite the fact that I have less than zero interest in training to do such a thing), I think some leisurely hikes are on the agenda this summer. Rickett’s Glen is always a great choice, you can’t go wrong at Rider Park, and I’ve still yet to make it out to Jacoby Falls. So those will all be on the list.

I would also like to (finally) get a roof rack for my car so that we can take the kayaks out more this summer. Rose Valley is beautiful, and I hear there are a lot of amazing places to kayak in the area!

Being a baseball fan, of course, a couple of Crosscutters games are on the agenda, and I’ll be posted up in a photo well for a good chunk of the Little League World Series.

I don’t see a full-blown vacation this summer, but we’ll for sure find some time to get out and about on a more local level. I haven’t been to Penn’s Cave in a while, so I think I am due for a trip there. I’ve also never been to Lake Tobias and have always wanted to check that out.

On the more adventurous side, you’ll absolutely find us at Knoebel’s (probably more than once). I also want to go to Hershey Park and check out the new Wildcat’s Revenge rollercoaster, and I still haven’t had a chance to try out Candymonium yet, either! They have what looks to be a great waterpark there too!

Speaking of waterparks, we had a fantastic time at Camelbeach last year, and I just got a 25% off promo code this week, so I’m hoping we can squeeze in a return trip there too!

One of my favorite things is finding new places to eat, drink and be merry! If I can find a place to do those things outside while enjoying the sunshine — even better! So if you have any really great restaurants/breweries/distilleries, etc., suggestions (bonus for outside seating, a super bonus if I can bring my dog), please let me know!

So, what’s on your Summer Bucket List? What are your ‘must-do’ things for Summer 2023? Vacations? Staycations? Must-see places to go? I’m always up for suggestions, so feel free to send them my way!

Summer is officially here, so go out and enjoy! But, as always, please do so safely. No amount of fun is worth the cost of life, limb, or family! Plus, hardly anyone looks good in a canvas jumpsuit!