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Gazette and Bulletin: June 6, 1928 – Baseball’s Dignitaries Pay Respect to ‘Big Six’ at Big Memorial Day Dedication at Bucknell

Christy Matthewson the “Big Six” of baseball was hailed in death by baseball’s top authority, Judge Kennesaw Mountain Landis, as the man who made baseball “the truly national game it is today.”

The Commissioner of Baseball paid tribute to “Matty” at the presentation to Bucknell University of the Christy Matthewson memorial gateway to the memorial stadium.

The ceremony took place at an assemblage of baseball leaders many of whom were friends of Matthewson.

They came from the sports centers of the nation to honor “Matty” and were joined by the alumni and faculty of Bucknell from which the “Big Six” graduated before he reached baseball greatness. It was Bucknell alumni Homecoming and thousands were on hand before the gateway to hear the tributes of Landis and others.

Matty’s grave in the Lewisburg cemetery, not far from campus was covered in floral tributes. The first act of National League President, John A. Heydler was the placing of a wreath on the grave and the whole party of baseball visitors did him further honor at a luncheon at Matthewson’s fraternity house, Phi Gamma Delta.

Judge Landis spoke of Matthewson as a young baseball player who had more than playing ability to carry him to the heights. It was his character, his integrity and his heart, the commissioner said which endeared him to every man and woman, boy and girl between the two oceans. Landis also spoke of Matthewson’s work in rebuilding the Boston National League club.

Also on the podium for the ceremony was Judge Emil Fuchs, President of the Boston Braves, Charles Stoneham, President of the New Giants, William L. Veeck, President of the Chicago Cubs and Clark A. Griffith, President of the Washington Senators.

Following the dedication of the memorial tablets a ballgame was held between the Bucknell and Penn State baseball teams. The game was called because of rain after one inning.