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Williamsport Sun: May 25, 1931 – Rotarians Hear Stirring Address on Memorial Day

Frederick A. Godcharles of Milton, state librarian, historian and patriot, delivered a masterful speech at noon today for the Williamsport Rotary Club at the Lycoming Hotel. The occasion was the club’s annual Memorial Day Meeting and members of the Reno Post, Grand Army of the Republic were guests of honor. As compared with other years there was a mere handful of these Civil War veterans — only seven, to be exact. They were Willard H. Stedden, Henry H. Johns, G.W. Heim, E.B. Mott, William G. Barndollar, David Blue, and John M. Young. The latter, a Rotarian, presided as chairman of the meeting and introduced the speaker.

Mr. Godcharles, the son of a Civil War veteran and himself, a veteran of the Spanish-American and World wars, emphasized the sacred impressiveness of Memorial Day, and the wonderful tribute to the Flag, and marshaled incidents and facts from history to show the part that Pennsylvanians have played in wars.

One of the strongest points developed in the course of his address was the fact that the four principal wars in which the United States has had a part were in the cause (first) liberty; second, unity, third, humanity, and fourth, democracy.

Mr. Godcharles brought his address to a fitting conclusion by a recital of Lincoln’s “Gettysburg Address.”

Preceding the address, Dr. A.M. Weaver, city superintendent of schools, called attention to excellent schoolwork at the Curtin building, William E. Milliner spoke on the exhibit of the American Institute of Architects in the Weightman Block, and Ward French talked about the work of the Community Concert Association.