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Gazette and Bulletin: May 15, 1948 – Jewish Residents Exult Over News of Israel State

Jewish residents of Williamsport received word of the creation of the new state of Israel and of its recognition by the United States government with high emotions. Already, celebrations are being planned, and many toasts and congratulations on the event passed among the city’s Jewish the news became known.

Rabbi Samuel Biinder said last night that two special prayers, one for the United States and one for the new state of Israel would be said at the synagogue service today.

Max Bloom, president of the Williamsport Zionist Chapter said, “We are very happy that the words of the prophets have been fulfilled. It will give Jews and the world at large, more faith in the words of the prophets and in the word of God. We are very happy that the President of our great country, was the first to recognize the new Jewish state.”

The recognition of the new state by the government came as a great and happy surprise to most of the city’s Jews, as well as those all over the world, and was summed up by Rabbi Biinder. He described it “as the greatest event in the life of the Jewish people” and said it climaxed “2,000 years of prayer.”