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Williamsport Gazette and Bulletin: May 9, 1923 – Play Ball Will be the Order Today

Wilkes-Barre at Williamsport, Scranton at York, Binghamton at Elmira.

Thus, will the teams of the New York-Pennsylvania League meet to do battle in three cities in the circuit this afternoon. There will be a glorious output of baseball addicts while the diamond hounds in three other communities haunt the telegraph and newspaper offices waiting for the first flashes of the grand opening of the games in the new league.

In the three games, it is doubtful whether any will attract a larger crowd than the game at the Williamsport High School field. The contest at Elmira drawing fans from both the home city and nearby Binghamton may equal the Williamsport game in attendance but it is hardly probable that it will surpass the crowd here.

The heavy rain that fell here yesterday came as a great benefit to the playing field and the final rolling after practice today will place the diamond in perfect condition.

A 1 o’clock this afternoon a grand parade of exuberant fans will form on William St., proceed north to Fourth Street and move south to Third Street to Susquehanna to the high school athletic field. The players and officials of the Wilkes-Barre and Williamsport teams will be in motor cars. The Repasz Band will head the column and will give a concert at the field before the game is called at 3 o’clock.

Arriving at the high school field, the procession will march to deep centerfield where the flag ceremony will be held at 2:30. President of the local ballclub, N. Burrows Bubb will address the players, after which the “Star Spangled Banner” will be played while Mr. Bubb’s little granddaughter hoists the flag to its position.

The general admission for the game will be 50 cents. No motor cars will be allowed to park on the field during today’s game but will be allowed parking space at succeeding games.