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Williamsport Sun: April 6, 1932 – Costumes and Scenes for Play on Display in Store Windows

The Junior League of Williamsport is trying very hard to interest children in the play they will be presenting in the Curtin School Saturday afternoon and evening. It is the dramatization of the story that has become a classic in the children’s literature, “The Land of Oz.”

To make it more vivid the costumes that will be worn in the production will be on display in the corner window of L.L. Stearns and Sons and a bright little scene from the play will be displayed in miniature in the window of Ralph B. Grammer’s Jewelry Store.

Perhaps children and parents passing Pine and Third Streets can pick out characters that they have learned to know through the stories. There is the costume that Tip will wear, bright blue and white with a tiny cap to match. He wore it when he walked through the Land of Oz.

There is the costume worn by “Glinda the Good” in pale blue white and satin with a tall gold crown and those of her attendants in eggshell satin trimmed with bright red heats. There is that worn by the real Princess of Oz, while a scepter bearing the insignia of the Land of Oz, in which she returns as ruler. The one with the tin head will be worn by the woodsman, the one of lovely brown and red by the highly educated snuggle bug…and every child can pick out the one worn by Jack Pumpkinhead.

Will the children who look at the window think that it is a little bit brighter than real sunshine because it shines on a fairyland story, and will the tiny figures have a stronger appeal because they have stepped out of a story children love?

The Junior League is very proud that one of its members, League President, Mrs. Clayton Spicer, was able to design everything on display.