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Hello Lycoming County …

It’s a great day with a lot of new things happening here at Webb Communications.

First is the launching of a county-wide, weekly newspaper that will go to 50,000 residences in the county each week. The publication is one intended to be “by the people” of Lycoming County and “for the people” of Lycoming County.

We live in what is the most beautiful and inspiring area of any place in the USA. We are a very family-oriented group of small towns and businesses that still believe in the value of family life, hard work, and a dedication to the American way. In today’s world of liberal media and newspapers that focus only on making money to serve a corporate owner, the purpose of the local newspaper has long been forgotten.

The demise of the locally-owned and family-operated newspaper has occurred at a rapid rate over the past two or three decades. To relinquish our constitutional right of free speech to a handful of corporate newspapers was not the goal of our founding fathers. At the same time not many people really have an opportunity to do some­thing about it other than to acquiesce and go along with the distant corporate giants. At Webb Communications we may not be a corporate giant, but we believe we can make a difference. Our weekly publication, which will be in your mail every Wednesday, will be fit for the entire family and will have articles of interest about Lycoming County. We want to include items the people of Lycoming County would like to see. We want people in Lycoming County who have an interest to help in producing our local newspaper. Here in Lycoming County, we have so many things of which to be proud and a desire to make the positive things part of our public record and heritage.

The internet has become a part of our American culture. Webb Communications will provide a presence on the internet for our advertisers through the most popular portal in North Central Pennsylvania, Williamsport Small business in Lycoming County will now be able to reach literally thousands of potential customers. We will marry the best of both worlds; the local family-owned newspaper with the latest technology of today’s computer lifestyle.

Webb Communications is located at One Maynard Street. We print and mail publications for many large organizations across the country such as the Association of the United States Army. Our facility includes the most advanced electronic pre-press, printing, and mailing systems in the industry. Most people are surprised to learn we do so much mailing that a post office sub-station exists within our building.

We enjoy having both groups and individuals tour our facility and most find it exciting and interesting. If you would like to tour our facility, please call for the next date and time that a tour is planned.

Please feel free to send us any ideas or interests you have which you would like to see in the weekly publication. As events unfold and new phases commence, we will share with everyone both news about the publication as well as Williamsport

By James A. Webb
(Published originally: January 22, 2003)