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Williamsport Sun: January 20, 1953 – County Well Represented Today at Inauguration of Eisenhower

Lycoming County was well represented today in Washington as the Republican Party took over the reins of government for the first time in 20 years.

From Congressman Alvin R. Bush to the last GOP ward worker, the county people were thrilled as Dwight D. Eisenhower, soldier-educator-crusader, became President of the United States.

At least two chartered buses, private automobiles, trains, and planes took the local person to the nation’s capital beginning last Saturday.

Here at home, thousands more read about the historic event in their newspapers, listened to it on the radio or watched it on television. For Republicans, it was “a great day” and for Democrats the end of an era.

The peaceful transfer of the Presidency from Harry S. Truman to Dwight Eisenhower — at the stroke of noon — and the inaugural parade this afternoon and the inaugural balls tonight — touched home.

Two prominent Williamsport vicinity residents shared in the inaugural events. They are Dr. Milton S. Eisenhower, brother of President Eisenhower, and president of the Pennsylvania State College (now Penn State University) and G. Mason Owlett of Wellsboro.

Marching past the White House in the Inaugural Parade were city and area cadets at West Point, Annapolis, the Virginia Military Institute and Valley Forge Military Academy.

In addition, area servicemen stationed in the Washington area marched with their units.

A former local man, Bruce H. Houseknecht, bandmaster of the famed Joliet, Illinois High School Band, led his young musicians representing the State of Illinois.

Meanwhile, a number of local residents who supported Eisenhower during his campaign have received letters of thanks from him for their aid.