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Williamsport Sun: December 30, 1932 – Street Railways Company to Stop Trolley Service

Representatives of the Williamsport Railway Company announced today that the trolley operations in the city of Williamsport and the borough of South Williamsport would be discontinued in the near future and that the company will be liquidated.

In an official announcement this morning the reasons for the discontinuance of streetcar service were detailed as follows:

“Operations of this company’s trolley lines have been continued for some time not withstanding severe spiraling costs, in the hopes that there would be public use of this service. However, for some time revenue of the railway company has been decreasing of the past five years, and notwithstanding some drastic cuts the company’s losses through operation have been steadily increasing.

“The company will continue to operate the trolleys for a short time in the hope that some arrangement for substitute fares provided in the operation of the line.”

The surrender of the company comes only after a long and arduous attempt to surmount local conditions it was pointed out.

The Williamsport Railways Company since its organization in 1892 and the consolidation in 1926 made every endeavor to offer adequate public service which would attract substantial public patronage, it was stated.

In 1926 when its various lines were consolidated the company followed the recommendation of a committee of citizens for enlarging its facilities. The car barn was built at that time, new equipment was purchased, and other improvements were realized. This was done at a cost of $425,000 it was stated.

The discontinuance of the streetcar service will have an immeasurable effect on the operation of the buses of the Williamsport Transportation Company over their present city routes, it was stated. The buses are maintained by the Transportation Company which is associated with the Williamsport Passenger Railway Company.